Cleanbox CX-1

Right sized cleaning for safe and hygienic AR | VR | MR experiences.  

The Cleanbox CX-1 delivers the same powerful decontamination and drying capabilities of the larger CX Series models.

In lab results the CX-1 has shown to deliver a Log 4 kill rate at 99% in under 60 seconds per headset.

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  • Product Description

      Introducing the Cleanbox CX Series

      The Cleanbox CX Series is a premium hygienic and ecofriendly solution for the decontamination of tethered or untethered Virtual Reality headsets.

      Cleanbox eliminates the need for heat in the decontamination process, thus protecting electronics.

      Cleanbox eradicates 99% of bacteria, virus and fungi in 1 minute and can treat any number of hardware from 1 to 100 or more.

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