HTC VIVE Pro Eye Full Kit

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The New Vive Pro With Precision Eye Tracking 

Built for the most demanding professional users, the new VIVE Pro adds precision eye tracking to its renowned feature set of world-class graphics, high-end audio, and expansive modular tracking.

Your Eyes Are In Control

VIVE Pro Eye features precise eye movement tracking and analysis enabling quicker reaction times, easier navigation and access, and an enhanced understanding of what users see and when.

*Content compatibility required.

Lightning-Quick Reaction

Simply look at your target and aim with precision. No need to even point with the controllers. Maneuvers are faster and more intuitive than ever.

*Content compatibility required.

Focuses On What’s Important

Eye tracking allows for foveated rendering, which properly allocates GPU power to focused objects and areas for sharper images.

*Content and graphics card compatibility required.

Better Know Your Audience

Enhanced understanding of your audience, customers and trainees by tracking how long their gazes linger on various objects and areas within virtual stores and in simulation programs.

*Content compatibility required.

3D Spatial sound
Hi-Res Certified Audio
3D Spatial Sound

To be truly immersive, experiences in VR need to be seen and heard in the highest quality possible. The VIVE Pro Headset provides lush, spatial audio for users to add life-like dimensions to simulations.

  • Hi-Res Audio Certification
  • Powerful Digital Amplifier
  • Dual Microphones - Active Noise Cancellation
  • Ambient Mode and Conversation Mode
VIVE Headset
Spot Every Detail

The difference is in our details. Ranked among the sharpest, most brilliant VR headsets on the market today, the VIVE Pro dazzles the eyes with breathtaking colors, text, and textures.

  • 2880 x 1600
    615 PPI
  • 37%
    PPI Increase
  • 78%
    Pixel Increase
Optimized Ergonomics For Extended Use

Engineered top-down for maximum comfort, the VIVE Pro Headset is made for easy on and off, prolonged use, and accommodates a wide range of head sizes, vision types, and even glasses.

  • Optimal Center of Gravity
  • Increased Point of Weight Support
  • 24% Increase in Face Gasket Surface Area for Lowered Stress
  • Quick Adjustment Dial
Room-scale Stage
Room Scale Just Got Roomier

Design occlusion-free, wide-area interactive experiences with sub-millimeter accuracy with SteamVR™ 2.0. Scale your tracking volumes from seated to standing to 22’11” x 22’11” room scale for multiple users.

  • Up to 22’11” x 22’11” Room Scale Stage
  • Sub-Millimeter Precise Tracking
  • Large-Scale Tracked Area
  • Ideal for Multi-user VR

The New VIVE Pro Specs

  • Enhance VR experience with eye-tracking module
  • Comfortable immersion with high-res display, easy-to-use comfort adjustments and optimized ergonomics
  • Enhanced Chaperone technology
  • VIVE Wireless Adapter* powered by Intel® WiGig™ Wireless
    *Sold separately.

Headset Specs

Screens: Dual AMOLED 3.5’’ diagonal
Resolution: 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye (2880 x 1600 pixels combined)
Refresh Rate: 90 Hz
Field of View: 110 degrees
Audio: Hi-Res-Certified headset
Hi-Res-Certified headphones (removable) 
High-impedance headphone support
Enhancement of headphone in ergonomics
Input: Dual integrated microphones
Connections: USB-C 3.0, DP 1.2, Bluetooth
Sensors: SteamVR™ Tracking, G-sensor, gyroscope, proximity, IPD sensor, eye tracking
Ergonomics: Eye relief with lens distance adjustment
Adjustable IPD
Adjustable headphones
Adjustable strap

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