Varjo XR-3 Focal Edition Mixed Reality Headset

VarjoSKU: varjo-xr3-taa-focal-rf-disabled

Wireless Radio Configuration: Disabled
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Unbeatable Visual Precision for Mixed Reality Training

Experience unparalleled visual precision with the Varjo XR-3 Focal Edition, the perfect VR headset for advanced mixed reality training. Ideal for simulating scenarios where fine details on physical instruments are crucial to success.

The Varjo XR-3 Focal Edition provides unmatched visual quality making it ideal for simulations where intricate text and illustrations on physical instruments must be viewed up close.

Unmatched mixed reality performance for simulation training

The Varjo XR-3 Focal Edition offers the ultimate visual precision for advanced training use cases where operating physical instruments within mixed reality is mission critical.

  • Newly optimized mixed-reality camera components for ultimate clarity and visual precision when operating and observing nearby physical instruments, panels and meters.
  • Full TAA/BAA-compliancy for maximum training compatibility
  • Enhanced security with full invisibility to radio frequency communications
  • Prices listed include the necessary Varjo XR-3 Perpetual Software License

TAA Compliant for high security environments

  • Both versions of the XR-3 Focal Edition are fully TAA/BAA-compliant.

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