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Magic Leap 2

A wearable AR computer for enterprise productivity

Which Magic Leap 2 Edition is best for you?

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For small scale IT deployments that do not have robust enterprise management or deployment requirements

For solutions that must be deployed to commercial production environments

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For teams that are not ready for commercial deployment or still in the evaluation phase.

For internal development or testing workflows only

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For commercial production environments that require flexible, large scale IT deployments and robust enterprise features like UEM/MDM platform integration

For solutions that require longer term access to enterprise software upgrades, and multi-year warranties.

The Headset

The Headset uses nine different sensors to understand whatever space it's in - and at just 260g, it's as light as a pair of headphones

Headpose tracking

Sensors: Camera, environment understanding, object recognition

The Compute Pack

Magic Leap 2 is built to run customized enterprise solutions at scale, with 2-3 times better compute performance (CPU/GPU) than its closest competitor

Speech recognition via speech-to-text

Accessories: Smartphone, Bluetooth keyboard

Desktop companion windows and macOS app

The Controller

The Magic Leap 2 Controller uses optical tracking, IMU, and infrared to enable six degrees of freedom (6DoF) tracking, giving you precision and accuracy where you need it. Different tasks require different tools.

Magic Leap 2 lets you use the input that works best. Magic Leap 2 supports multiple inputs to include the controller, hand tracking,
eye tracking, voice command, and bluetooth devices, so professionals have the flexibility to work whichever way they prefer.

Hand and gesture tracking

6 Degrees of Freedom, direct manipulation, haptics