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Seal Shield ElectroClave UV-C Disinfection System


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The ElectroClave achieves a 99.9% reduction of Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, MRSA and CRE on hard, nonporous surfaces.

Now more than ever during the ongoing global fight against COVID-19, it is critically important for medical and customer-facing environments to implement and enforce hygiene & sanitization protocols to prevent the spread of infection. However, washing hands and wearing a mask is not enough to prevent infection when clean hands touch contaminated surfaces.

The revolutionary ElectroClave™ UVC disinfection system by Seal Shield™ is the first of its kind 360-degree LED UV C disinfection and mobile device management application for adequate disinfection in any environment.

The ElectroClave provides a simple all-in-one solution for UV-C disinfection, and device management, with ‘smart’ technologies that simplify and reduce otherwise manual processes. Our patented UV C disinfection technology offers unmatched disinfection, efficacy, speed, and safety with simultaneous multiple device capacity. The ElectroClave UV disinfection system is compatible with most handheld electronic devices, and many other forms of high-touch items and/or equipment.


UV-C Light Disinfection for Healthcare and Other Industries

ElectroClave addresses the cross-contamination hazard that mobile & high-touch devices pose in healthcare, and other environments.

Medical personnel on the front line are faced with the challenge of strenuous disinfection for the safety of patients and staff. Regular sanitation of high-touch devices through the use of an ultraviolet light phone, and mobile device disinfection system is one of the most proactive ways to improve hand hygiene and prevent cross-contamination.

Other industries with challenging or shared environments and frequent interaction with high-touch surfaces can also create a safer atmosphere with the quick, simple, and adequate UVC disinfection ElectroClave provides.

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