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Unity Certified Professional Programmer Exam Voucher


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Designed for professional developers

This certification is designed for professionals in roles such as Unity Developer, Software Engineer, Software Developer, Mobile Application Developer, and Gameplay Programmer.

The Professional: Programmer certification exam tests the core skills needed to contribute to the technical execution of a project from conception through launch, and beyond. Highlight to employers that you are adept at coding solutions to tricky problems and demonstrate that you possess professional-level skills to script user interactions, integrate visual and audio assets, implement application state logic, simulate physics, debug code, and optimize performance.


  • 2+ years of practical experience in game or 3D interactive programming using Unity
  • 2+ years of practical experience in computer programming, including C#
  • Experience in the full software development lifecycle, from concept through completion
  • Understanding of professional applications for software development with Unity, including game development, interactive entertainment, and design visualization
  • Basic understanding of the visual/3D asset and animation pipeline in Unity, including character and environment setups
  • Understanding of professional team software development practices, including unit testing and version control
  • Knowledge of Unity Services for collaboration, monetization, live operations and multiplayer
  • Understanding of mathematics critical to 3D interactive development, including linear algebra and matrix operations

What’s on the exam?

You can expect to see questions across these topics:

  • Programming core interactions
  • Working in the art pipeline
  • Developing application systems
  • Programming for scene and environment design
  • Optimization of performance and platforms
  • Working in software development teams

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