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KeyShot Network Rendering

LuxionSKU: X-KSNR-AN-16

Processor Cores: 16 Cores
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KeyShot Network Rendering allows you to take advantage of either the CPU or GPU power available with the computers (workers) on your computer network to render images and animations faster.

Select an option based on the number of cores available on your network. KeyShot Network Rendering will utilize up to the number of licensed cores. (KeyShot does not need to be installed on each worker.)

Please note that logical cores (aka threads/logical processors) count as a core as well.

For example, a computer which has 18 physical cores (36 logical cores) will be recognized as 36 cores by KeyShot Network Rendering. In addition, any compatible networked GPU, regardless of type, will utilize 16 cores.

Should you require more than 352 cores, simply purchase additional units until they add up to your final core count. Please contact with your order number after the purchase for a single license in the number of cores you purchased.

KeyShot Network Rendering includes:

  • Controller/Worker System
  • User/Worker Management
  • Network Render Queue
  • Linear Performance Increase
  • Workers Auto Detection
  • Frame Number and Time Status
  • Job Prioritization
  • Unlimited Worker Support
  • Dynamic Core Utilization
  • Partial Result Output
  • Worker Scheduling
  • Dynamic Workers Allocation
  • All KeyShot versions supported
  • PC, Mac or Linux support (Controller and Workers)
  • Dynamic Updates via Network Queue

The license is good for one year and includes all upgrades during that time. The license will expire after 365 days from the date of activation.

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