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OpenBCI Galea Beta

OpenBCISKU: galea-beta-aero-basic

VR/XR Headset Option: Varjo Aero
Support Option: Basic Support
Sale price $25,000.00


The Bridge Between Mixed Reality and Neurotechnology

Introducing Galea, the cutting-edge hardware and software platform that revolutionizes the way you measure physiological and neurological activity. With its next-generation brain-computer interface technology and head-mounted displays, it is the world's first device that can simultaneously measure heart rate, skin conductance, muscle activity, eye movements, and brain activity of a study participant during a virtual or mixed reality experience or simulation.

Join the Galea Beta Program and gain access to advanced neurotechnology capabilities for consumer technology, healthcare, research, training, gaming, and interactive media. Beta units include full integration with Varjo XR-3 Mixed Reality and Varjo Aero Virtual Reality headsets, as well as robust SDKs with ready-to-use building blocks for accessing sensor data in Unity, Python, and other common development environments. Enhance your research and development efforts with Galea today.

What's included?

Each package includes all hardware, software, and VR accessories needed to utilize Galea.

Galea Software Suite

Hardware Galea Headset (integrated w/ Varjo Aero or Varjo XR-3 or Varjo XR-3 Focal Edition
Hardware Replacement Parts Kit (1x) Additional Face Interface, Electrodes, Other Consumable Parts
Hardware VR Base Stations and Controllers (2x each)
Hardware Hardware Warranty (12 months)


Galea Software Suite

Software Galea Firmware
Software SDK for Raw Sensor Data, Signal Processing, & Filtering
Software Galea Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Software Access to future updates and features for Galea Software Suite (2 years)



Varjo Varjo Base Software
Varjo Developer SDKs
Varjo (XR-3 Only) 1x "unlocked" XR-3 subscription seat



Galea Self-Help & Documentation
Galea Email Support Desk



  • [$1000] Dedicated 1-on-1 Galea Getting Started Video Session With An Expert (2hr block) 

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