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KeyShot Pro Subscription

LuxionSKU: X-KS-SU

Subscription Term: 1 Year
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KeyShot Subscription brings all the advanced features you need to create incredible visuals. KeyShot includes:

  • Drag and Drop Materials and Lighting
  • Create Your Own Materials and Lighting
  • Add Product and Studio Variations
  • Animate Cameras, Models, and Materials
  • Render on CPU or GPU in minutes

Why do professionals choose KeyShot?
KeyShot is widely recognized as the industry-leading visualization solution for design and engineering professionals on both macOS and Windows, and the easiest, most powerful when it comes to presenting concepts for design reviews, exploring digital prototypes, and creating final visuals for marketing and sales – all from your 3D data.

KeyShot provides more features and capabilities on both Mac and PC, plus the:

  • Easiest User Interface
  • Most Accurate Materials
  • Most Powerful Lighting
  • Fastest Rendering Speeds
  • Highest Quality Visuals

And KeyShot is the only one that offers:

  • Over 850 materials plus thousands more on KeyShot Cloud
  • Exclusive Pantone, RAL, and custom color libraries
  • Advanced material import for AxF, u3m, and Substance Painter
  • Advanced Materials such as Cloudy Plastic, Measured Materials
  • Patent-pending materials such as RealCloth™ and Multi-Layer Optics
  • Advanced, interactive node-based Material Editing
  • Displacement textures and volumetric lighting
  • Lighting presets, advanced HDRI Editor, Sun and Sky
  • Geometry editing including Re-tessellate and UV Unwrap
  • Studios, Model Sets, Image Styles, and Multi-Materials
  • Advanced camera control, DOF, and perspective matching
  • Interactive 360° visuals and product Web Configurator
  • Simple "one-click" switch between CPU and GPU rendering
  • Free KeyShot Viewer (with Security Options)


  • Widest 3D format & plugin support
  • Industry-specific material libraries


  • 850+ Scientifically accurate materials
  • Geometry shaders and/material editing


  • Camera/Part/Material/Path Animation
  • Camera/Studio Switch Events


  • Studio and Model Sets
  • Configurator/Material Ways


  • Unlimited Real-time Rendering
  • CPU and GPU raytracing


  • Smart Export (USDz, GLB, glTF, 3MF)
  • 3D Model Export (ZPR, STL, OBJ, FBX)

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