Introducing the 3rd Generation of Enterprise Extended Reality

Varjo's design and engineering teams have delivered massive improvements to the visual quality and biometrics capabilities with their new product release.

Design advancements beyond the VR-2, VR-2 Pro and XR-1 headsets include an ergonomic overhaul.

The 3rd gen headsets have optimized weight distribution and have been engineered to ensure comfort during lengthy periods of wear while in user during complex training or engineering workflows.






Eye Tracking



Field of View





More Frames

Per Second

Consumer Grade Will Not Pass.

Varjo made a decision from its inception to focus on commercial, industrial use cases.

The XR-3 and VR-3 headsets unlock enhanced visualization and biometric capabilities that were purpose built for enterprise and industrial workflows.

The videos below showcase Varjo's focus across AEC, Aerospace, Automotive, Education,Healthcare, Industrial Design and Media + Entertainment enterprise workflows.

Aerospace Design and Simulation

Astronaut Training

Autodesk VRED Real Time XR Collaboration + Design

Healthcare Simulation

Seamless Blend of

Physical + Virtual

12MP Video Passthrough Quality Clear Enough to Thread a Needle

LiDAR + RGB Depth Fusion

Medical Education

Ultraleap Gemini Hand Tracking

Lenovo: Certified for Varjo

Enterprise 3D design and engineering workflows require top end processing speeds and superior graphics capabilities. Lenovo's new ThinkStation P620 is the only workstation on the market that runs the new AMD ThreadRipper Pro processor alongside the top tier NVIDIA A6000 graphics cards.

It used to require two separate computers to do what the P620 is capable of in terms of raw computing + graphics power.

Starting in 2000 Varjo began certifying these workstations for use with their HMDs and we will be using them to support your demo experience.

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