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Unity Certified Associate Programmer Exam Voucher


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Highlight your programming skills to employers

Demonstrate core skills and competencies across programming, UI, debugging and asset management to help you obtain your first professional programming role with Unity.


  • 2-3 semesters of post-secondary Unity classwork or equivalent independent study
  • Experience with a diverse range of Unity projects
  • Importing assets or code, including from the Unity Asset Store or Unity Package Manager, and addressing conflicts that arise as a result
  • Performing debugging of non-complex problems
  • Interpreting pre-existing, well-documented code
  • Integrating and modifying pre-existing well-documented code
  • Building basic scene management, including loading scenes
  • Creating, editing, and using Prefabs
  • Deploying a basic build

Exam details

The exam is based on Unity 2019 LTS.

This exam is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Chinese - Simplified & Traditional
  • Japanese (coming Fall 2021)
  • Korean (coming Fall 2021)
  • Spanish - Latin America

What's on the exam?

You can expect to see questions covering these tasks:

Unity Programming

  • Evaluate code for integration into an existing system created/architected by a lead
  • Make decisions required to prototype new concepts
  • Determine code that would accomplish a specified interaction or programming logic
  • Decide how to implement scene management and transitions
  • Apply basic data persistence within a runtime session
  • Given a situation, determine proper usage and application of the Unity API
  • Decide the appropriate properties, scripts, and components of GameObjects for required tasks
  • Apply concepts required to write code with basic inheritance and interfaces
  • Choose the appropriate data structures for a specific situation
  • Choose the appropriate data types for a specific situation
  • Identify the steps required to deploy a basic build


  • Apply concepts required to lay out a user interface
  • Identify the process required to bind data on the UI to application data
  • Decide how to capture and respond to UI input using the Event System
  • Decide how to create the menu flow in an application state


  • Troubleshoot code that fails to perform as expected
  • Troubleshoot common compilation bugs
  • Troubleshoot runtime exceptions
  • Determine techniques required to refactor and improve code
  • Determine techniques required to profile and debug trivial performance issues

Asset Management

  • Identify the process required to create a prefab from art and code
  • Identify properties of nested prefabs and prefab variants
  • Identify the primary purposes of version control when working with Unity

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