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HTC Vive XR Elite


Edition: Consumer
Sale price $1,099.00


Compact. Convertible. Powerful.

The versatile VIVE XR Elite for Business delivers fully immersive virtual and mixed reality in a powerful, compact, all-in-one package.

Vibrant, precise XR

VIVE XR Elite features a brilliant, full-color passthrough camera and depth sensor that enable you to interact with virtual objects in your real-world space. Open up new possibilities in mixed reality for productivity, training, and collaboration.

Get more done with VIVE XR Elite

Training and Simulation

Enable your employees to understand complex information quickly. Reduce costs, minimize travel, and improve the safety of your training program.

Design Visualization

Through XR, designers can iterate in real-time on human-centric ideas, eliminating the constraints of costly physical fabrication and mockups.

Skills-Based Training

Reduce employee training time and ensure delivery of high-quality parts by transforming expert knowledge into mixed reality work instruction on real equipment.


Immerse yourself in virtual meetings with personalized full-body avatars, or use full-color passthrough mixed reality to co-create and review projects in person to streamline your existing workflow.

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