Varjo Aero Virtual Reality Headset

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Sale price $1,990.00


With a resolution of 35 pixels per degree, Varjo Aero offers an industry-leading immersive experience to both professionals and high-end VR enthusiasts alike.

The Aero's advanced ergonomics and significantly reduced weight make it the lightest headset from Varjo to date.

The headset features professional-grade mini LED displays, color tuning, contrast levels, and crystal clear aspheric variable resolution lenses.

Varjo Aero's built-in eye tracking powers not just interaction and analytics, but also foveated rendering that further reduces compute requirements and enables a crystal clear resolution.

The lower PC hardware requirements of Varjo Aero enable more scalable deployments and various multi-user experiences, including flight and racing simulations, enterprise training scenarios, design and creative use-cases, as well as delivering immersive experiences in showrooms, museums and virtual arcades.

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