Varjo Face Cushion for Eyeglasses

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Need to wear glasses in a Varjo headset? 

Introducing the Varjo Face Cushion for Eyeglass Wearers

Varjo custom-designed this cushion for users who want to wear glasses while using the Varjo XR-3, VR-3, and Varjo Aero headsets. The cushion has an opening on both sides to provide adequate clearance for eyeglass frames within the headset.

The face cushion is easy to clean when multiple users need to share Varjo headsets. One-sized face cushion with soft padding accommodates different head shapes and eyeglass frames.

Available in packages of 1 and 3 cushions.

Take your headset hygiene to the next level.

For customers with more complex requirements for hygiene and disinfection, we recommend our Uvisan line of UVC Disinfection cabinets.

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